KEWI Learning Centre aims to facilitate the community that houses a variety of learning activities geared towards improving a person’s physical and mental well-being.’ The house of healing!

The concept of Kewi Learning Centre was realised during the Coronavirus lockdown and the necessity of the new realities of our times. Isolation, loss of employment, amidst the fear and uncertainties, has shattered communities.

However, this learning centre endeavours to provide a space for intro spectrum – look within or try something new – to foster well being. Kewi Learning Centre offers the “keys to a healthier lifestyle” whilst unlocking a person’s potential. Everyone can get on board and have fun as there are no age limits to having a healthy body and mind.

Do you wish to keep fit, learn a new dance, or do yoga? Come and meet others who are already making new commitments to change to a sustainable, balanced way of life. Join us on the 1st floor @ Oyarifa Mall and look forward to becoming a better, refresher you!

Phone+233 20 033 4414 / +233 20 033 4421