Oyarifa Mall is a No Mask, No Entry establishment

Stay Safe, Take Personal Responsibility

Your temperature will be scanned before you are allowed access to the mall. The health and safety of our customers, employees at Oyarifa Mall, and our community is our highest priority. Try to avoid leaving home if you feel unwell, you may order your pharmaceutical essentials over the phone from us via the health and fitness column. If you’re planning to visit us soon, please adhere to the following tips:

Plan Your Route
Pre-plan your route before heading out. Write a list of the places you need to visit and the order you want to visit them. Create a checklist that includes everything you need to pick up.
If you have any questions prior to your visit, call us on 0244417054 and we’re happy to assist you.

Prep With a Few Essentials
Masks or facial coverings are an important part of safe social distancing so make sure to wear one before you head out the door. If you don’t have access to one, you may purchase one at the entrance of the mall. During your visit, there will be hand sanitizers available throughout the shopping center. You can also purchase your own from stores at the mall. 



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